Martial Art For Kids

Discover How To Boost Your Childs Strength, Power, Balance, Co-ordination, Flexibility And Focus With These Brand New Martial Arts For Kids Books

Are your children Learning Martial Arts?

Do You Want To Help Yor Child With Their Martial Art Training?

Well if you do, then these books are for you…

The “Martial Arts For Kids” series of books contain a collection of solo and partner/group challenges and martial arts games to boost strength, speed, balance and co-ordination to accelerate their martial arts training.

Give Them The Advantage!

Martial Arts For Kids Books

Martial Arts For Kids

Aaron J PerryFilled with strength, balance and co-ordination drills and games to set as challenges at home, at the beach or out in a park. These challenges will get your kids into great shape and accelerate their development through their Martial Art journey.

They also provide an excellent opportunity for you to get more involved in your child’s training.

I’m the Author of these books so I’m obviously proud of them and of course I think every parent should have a copy but to be fair I’ve added some testimonials from Martial Arts Instructors from around the world that teach kids martial arts in different styles… you can also read more reviews when you click on the “Add To Cart Button” which will take you to for safe and secure purchasing.

“Wow, what can I say, I knew that Sensei Perry was a great Instructor from reading his weekly newsletters and websites.

I’ve already used loads of games and activities that he put out, so I wasn’t expecting to learn much more to be honest. How wrong I was, this book is crammed full of fantastic new ideas to breathe life into any Martial Arts Class, regardless of age or ability (some of my Adults love doing these games as well !!)

Sensei Perry not only has a great understanding of what makes a Martial Artist tick, but also what(more importantly) makes a child tick, that is something that is priceless.

The energy and passion that Sensei Perry puts into the world of Martial Arts just shines through in this 2nd edition of his Martial Arts Games for Kids.

Well done Sensei from a very loyal fan.”

Michaela Curtis - Normanton Academy,
“This book is a must for anyone teaching children martial arts. It is packed full with interesting and fun games and exercises for children of all ages.

No matter how long you’ve been teaching this book will give you some great ideas to interest the children and give your classes a boost.

I definately recommend Aaron’s publications; each one is an excellent tool for any martial art school. ”

Sam Wood, White Tiger Kickboxing Academy, Nottingham, UK

“As a martial arts instructor to primary school kids, I found Aaron Perry’s book “Martial Arts For Kids – Kids Group Activities for Healthy Kids” invaluable.

The games and activities in this book have given me a vehicle to relay the essential information regarding self defence to the kids in a manner that is fun and speaks their language.

The children that I teach turn up to the Dojo `full of beans’ and ready go, they each have their favourite games and I have to take turns so they all get to experience their favourites. Some of the most popular games are “Tail of the tiger” and “Sensei says”.

Aaron’s book has provided a valuable resource to prompt me with ideas, I often make little tweaks to suit our particular club and the kids involved, of course you need to be flexible when it comes to kids!

Thanks to this book the kids in our club, learn the basics of Kung Fu, and develop an understanding of self defence all whilst laughing themselves silly. Good for the kids – who beg Mum and Dad to take them each week, good for the parents – who pay the fees, and good for my club. What more could you ask. ”

Brett Taylor, Seven Star Martial Arts, Qld, Australia
“I started reading Aaron J. Perry’s 2 new `Martial Arts for Kids’ books fully expecting as good a source of fun, games and information as his previous works but I will confess that something unexpected happened. As I was reading through the solo challenges I just had to get up and have a go they looked that good.

Whenever I have introduced any of Mr. Perry’s work to my class the feedback has always been tremendously positive.

I’ve been training and teaching for the last 15 years and am always happy to find new ways of teaching and doing things with our younger students. Mr. Perry has managed to do this again for me, managed to create something that will benefit any student lucky enough to participate in these exercises, and for that I would heartily and wholly recommend this to all schools with young students whether it be age or at heart.

And if you’re a parent then this is ideal for you and your children. The challenges work across the board in all martial arts, they’re game like so both you and your child will have a good time and it will also help to give them that extra edge in their training.”

James Guilar, Phoenix Arts, Australia
“Martial Art For kids: Activates for healthy  kids very informative.

Used some of the games within this book and the students were excited and wanted more.

This book is an invaluable tool for your library and I would recommend it to all instructors  excellent tool for any martial art school around the globe”

Alfred Reid, Bujinkin Reid Dojo, Dublin Ireland
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  1. alfred

    The book is pretty good I would definitively recommended to anybody looking at training little ones. Very interesting in a few of the games. Other are so simple that they makes me realized why I did not think about them. Any Sensei should have their own copy at hand at any time.

  2. Ian

    Love your, stuff keep up the awesome job you are doing.

  3. So far, all the sample games I used from this site have been great with the kids. Looking forward to the kindle version for use during class.

  4. Jimoh Dauda

    A job well done keep it up.

  5. Erik Heller

    Would love to get one of Sensei Perry’s books! After reading his website and numerous newsletters, I can really see his love for martial arts and love for children. Put those loves together and it’s a great combination!

  6. I would love to have a copy of this book.

  7. Danie van der Linde

    This seems to be exactly the book that I need for my classes since I now see a huge need for teaching younger children. I however have no idea where to even begin and could REALLY use this book for some ideas and guidelines.

    • AJ Perry

      HI Danie. Thanks for your comments… These books will give you some great ideas but if you’re an instructor I suggest you get your hands on the Martial Games Manual and newsletters for a ton of ideas on teaching kids and marketing your martial arts school.

  8. Ray

    The ideas and newsletters have been very educating. I would be interested in receiving and reading his books.

  9. I am intrested in your books , however there are so many to chose from. I have 80 kids in my two classes sometimes its difficult to keep them busy.Oss Tony

  10. I love the material from your books and the kids have alot of fun, I would definitely recommend the books.

  11. Ricky Guidry

    great for you to do these books to help kids with martial arts.

  12. I have been applying Sensei Perry’s martial arts games from his newsletters for some time now, and they are always the highlight of my classes. But more than just being games, I can see my students developing their martial arts skills in areas like footwork and balance, strength and conditioning, etc. Right now I can’t wait to get my hands on his new books, Martial Arts for Kids – after all, two of my own kids are students of mine!

    • AJ Perry

      Hi Scott. Thanks for sharing your results, it’s great to hear that your students are growing fitter and stronger while having fun in your classes… and it’s also cool that you’re passing your knowledge on to your own kids :-)

  13. Dana Owen

    I would love to have a copy to use with my children curriculum.

  14. Cheryl

    Mr. Perry, thanks for the great, fun ideas for training and keeping the kids motivated to train.

  15. I’ve been teaching Martial Arts to children for over 23 years and have been through a variety of books on how to make classes fun and educational, while incorporating the fundamentals of martial arts skills and I must say that Aron Perry’s material is among he best.

    Sifu Michael G. Papantonakis World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association in Greece

    • AJ Perry

      Thank you very much Sifu Michael. Very kind of you to say that.

  16. I enjoy your website very much and have had fun with some of the games. Thanks for putting it all in one place for easy access.

  17. Dr. Malik

    Mr. Perry, you are doing a wonderful job. I love the games as much as the kids do. Its been great help. Keep up the good work. God Bless…

    • AJ Perry

      Hi Dr Malik. Great to hear your kids are loving the games. The more fun they have the more they train without even realizing it.

  18. Martial Arts for Kids is a fantastic resource for martial arts instructors of any style.

    We’ve used many of the games and activities and the kids are learning and having fun. The activities keep the classes moving and keep the energy up.

    I would recommend Mr. Perry’s books to any martial arts instructors and assistant instructors to help improve your classes.

    • AJ Perry

      Thanks Master Roberts. I always appreciate your feedback and support for the Martial Games.

  19. James G

    I look forward to applying your activaties to my current classes.

  20. Training kids and Instructors takes expert advise. Everyone should have the expertise based on what we know most about kids. That being life is about living to its fullest. Each expert in the field has a piece to the puzzle. Glad I finally found a place that shows the hole picture.
    Your are definitely the guide to putting young lives in perspective.

  21. I’ve gone through the sample games and have discussed them with my Instructors (my sons) who are interested in trying them with our students.

    • AJ Perry

      Great to hear. Keep in touch and share your results (or your son’s results). Thanks, AJ

  22. These games are great and require little to no extra equipment! An invaluable teaching tool!

    • AJ Perry

      Hi Elizabeth. That’s the idea, no excuses, just some floor space and a challenge are needed to get them started in developing stronger bodies for their martial arts training.

  23. Games have long been part of our regular teaching schedule, and Mr. Perry’s work has been immensely helpful. Sometimes we use the games just as described, sometimes adapt our own after reading his, and sometimes simply get an inspiration from seeing what he’s done. In every way, his books are a treasure. We are much indebted and mighty happy to know you.

    • AJ Perry

      Wow, thanks Mark. I think it’s awesome that you modify the games to suit your students and come up with new ideas of your own to keep your classes fresh and your students motivated. Keep up the great work :-)

  24. Andreea

    I’m teaching kids for 6 years now, but i look to improve myself every day so i would love a copy of these books.

  25. Aaron Perry’s ideas have helped me immensely with my kids classes, but to be perfectly honest, my adult classes have really enjoyed some of the drills as well. Thanks for all the great ideas, it would be great to have a copy of the book for reference.

    • AJ Perry

      Haha, great to hear Marianne. Our adults wanted to kill me the other week when the instructor chose the High Five Push Ups out of the book for some added warm up moves. Lucky for them she didn’t chose the Low Five Push Ups, they’re twice as hard but a great core strengthener.

  26. Hi there Sir, I’d love to read you book for our school. We have soooo many new white and yellow belts. Additionally, I’ll promote your book oun our facebook page. We have lots of school instructors. Look forward to reading and I’ll check it out on my Kindel!

    • AJ Perry

      Hi Diana. I really appreciate you helping spread the word about these books. I hope that instructors promote these books to their students (or parents) to help get their kids in great shape.

      I was wondering if I should submit these books into the Kindle Library which means people can access it for free for 5 days. This Kindle stuff is new to me, what are your thoughts about the online library option?

  27. Seems like you love the kids. That’s Great! And I would love to have a copy of this book.

  28. alfred

    I think this is a good book that everybody should read. I recommend it to all instructors.

  29. Michael LaPree

    I have enjoyed your emails so far .. and the ideas from the free information you sent. I look forward to using your ideas as a Chief Instructor.

  30. Great books. Alot of good information in them. My kids have a blast and learn somuch faster with what we have used from your books. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  31. This book are not only thoughtful and well designed, it is easily usable. I incorporate various drills and games into the start of classes, and then sprinkle in a game or two throughout the lessons to reinforce skills and keep the engagement level high. Aaron Perry is a great motivator and knows how to blend the elements into a fine program.

    • AJ Perry

      Hi Mark. It sounds like your using the books just the way I intended. Using a couple of relevant games during a lesson helps break it up without detracting from the focus of the skills you’re teaching. Keep up your great work and send me an email with some pics of your school and kids if you don’t mind me adding your comment to a new testimonials page I’m building.

  32. Jimoh Dauda

    I belief every instructor will find these books useful, i look forward to grab mine,keep up the good job u are doing.

  33. Osu Sensei Perry
    I would like to thank you for your dedication to the Martial Arts,I have been training /teaching nearly 40yrs,here in the UK it is difficult to motivate children to take part in group activities my clubs have been small for many years since receiving your information regarding Martial Arts for kids,I have took your ideas/recommendations and put them into practice which I must say have worked wonders turning what was once small classes to what’s now become full capacity we now have a waiting list for children to start,keep up the good work you are a true ambassador to the Martial Arts once again I thank you.

    K.Barlow 7th dan

    • AJ Perry

      :-) Thanks Shihan Kevin. Your comment just put a huge smile on my face. Changing your school from a small group to a large group and now to have a waiting list is a great result. I just share the information but it’s instructors like you that bring it to life and excite the kids. Thank you for trusting my advice in the books and newsletters and taking action. Cheers, AJ

  34. I have been using a couple of sample games from your website and the kids are loving it. Can’t wait to get the books!!!

  35. Your book came at a great time for my dojo.
    I had just enrolled 12 new kids one week.
    I changed up my routine with several exercises
    From your book and it was a success with the
    Kids and a burst of new energy for the club.

    You are a great thinker and almost every
    technique I used from this book and other suggestions
    you made has been worthwhile.

    Thank you,
    Fred Louis
    Zenbei Judo, Salt Lake City, Utah

    • AJ Perry

      Hi Fred. I think you have a lucky bunch of kids learning self defence from a highly decorated cop. I haven’t heard from you for a while, send me an email with an update on everything you’ve been doing with your club. Cheers AJ

  36. Anthony

    The books are more than just games, they are inspirations to Instructors.
    They are really and truly MAGIC!
    All Instructors teaching young ones should have a copy at hand in the Dojo and when preparing your classes. [My”adult” charges remind me that they are their parents children and join in with the games.

    • AJ Perry

      Thanks Anthony. Maybe I should make a book called “Martial Games for Adults/Big Kids”, it would be all the same info but have a couple of oldies like me on the cover hahaha. Cheers, AJ

  37. If the books are anything like the newsletters, then this is the bible of teaching children martial arts.
    Sensei Perry you are indeed a unique teacher and an inspiration to all Sensei’s world wide.

  38. Training at home is just as important as doing academic homework after school. Students learn new material in the classroom (or Dojo), but must go home and practice what they learn in order to really develop those skills. These guides should be a help to anyone who has kids who train in the martial arts, to develop their skills significantly.

  39. Really good first book , great lessons & games great all round book been a great help in our club
    I am sure the second book is going to be as great and better than the first

  40. Jon

    Looking forward to better games in book #2!

    • AJ Perry

      Hi Jon. Book one is designed for solo challenges that kids can do at home without a partner. This means there are no excuses as they don’t need other people or any special training equipment… Book 2 contains Partner Challenges and some group games so they can do these with their friends and family. Martial Arts For Kids #2 should be available on Kindle before April. Cheers, AJ

  41. Firstly, I’d like to thank you Sensei Perry for all the great content you’ve sent to me over the past couple of years or so, with the newsletters, the original and updated manuals and the amazing games day blueprint!

    I’ve been teaching martial arts for a little over 15 years now, and when I decided to take teaching kids classes more seriously it soon became obvious that it’s a completely different ball game from teaching adults. After some lengthy searching of the internet I finally came across you’re website which literally gave me all the answers.., stuff that I implemented from day one with instant results, and not just with the kids either.

    I now have a great team of up and coming martial artists who fly through grading’s and regularly compete in team games against my adults (usually kicking their butts in the process). Business has never been better, the atmosphere at the lessons is fantastic and the quality of martial arts being produced genuinely makes me proud to be an instructor.. Again, Thank You!

    • AJ Perry

      :-) Wow, thanks Martyn. It’s always great hearing about the positive results from MG4K Newsletter Members. I’m glad I could help you to grow your kids classes and they sound excited, motivated and dedicated so you’re obviously a great instructor that cares about his students. Congratulations and keep up the great work. Cheers, AJ

  42. I have used several of the games that have been on your website. My students are more engaged and seem to be enjoying classes more since I have begun to do this. We teach a variety of age groups in our dojo, beginning with 5 year olds. The 5 year old classes really need a break from the repetitiveness of techniques. I am looking forward to reading your books, as I know try will only enhance our established program!!
    Thank you for helping to develop the hearts and minds of children!!!
    Dana C.

  43. Lou

    a hard copy of your book is what I require

  44. I love to keep my classes interesting, so far most of the games (not all) have been fun and easy to conduct.
    I use to teach the way my TKD instructor taught me 25 years ago and always wondered why some students would not return the following year. Old fashion methods are good and you always need to teach the basics, but in order to keep the children interested you need to apply games and other fun things need to be incorporated to avoid boring repetition.


    (Hope that makes sense)

    • AJ Perry

      Hi Vicki. I know what you mean. It’s important to keep lessons active and adding in some games or challenges that compliment the skills you are teaching in the lesson will help show the kids how the skills can be applied in less structured format. The games can help kids understand why they are learning the new skills which adds to their motivation to get it right.

  45. I know the students love the games and the excitment they get from learning and playing new games keeps them focussed but I enjoy the comments from the parents after the classes e.g “your classes are always interesting” “my son loves to do your class because he doesn,t know what to expect” or “your classes are never the same” or “you keep the students moving” This is why I teach. I will eventually gift your books to my students and parents I want them to learn what I have learnt since I started reading Martial arts for Kids

    Thank you AAron


    • AJ Perry

      Hi Kevin. I agree positive feedback makes the effort worthwhile. And yes please encourage your students to get a copy of these books. I have always written info for Instructors but this seriesof books is for the students to have and use a home with friends and family. Cheers, AJ

  46. I didn’t really wanted to wait so I just purchased the Kindle version!
    Looking at it as we speak to start implementing them in tomorrow’s classes.
    Keep up the great work you’re doing!
    Master Rafael Amill
    Choson Martial Arts

    • AJ Perry

      :-) Thanks Master Rafael. If you win I’ll make sure you get something else from me that you don’t already have.

  47. Ravi Heetai

    I’m an Instructor in Trinidad and train kids from 3years old and up and i must say training kids for me is a remarkable oppurtunity. Working with them is something i totally enjoy doing. I have gotten quite alot of tips and training games from Sensei Aaron’s news letters hence im looking foward to picking up a copy of his books so i can further develop and help mould our future on the right path.

    • AJ Perry

      Thank you Ravi. It’s always great hearing from instructors all around the world. It still amazes me where this info spreads to :-)

  48. Cath

    Very helpful and insightive website. I have implemented may of the skills and knowledge available on the website in my kids karate classes. The kids resopnd well and many are bringing their friend and family along to partiicpate also. Our class has doubled almost overnight.

    • AJ Perry

      Hi Cath. Great to hear your results in doubling your class size almost overnight. Congratulations, keep up the great work. Cheers, AJ

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    this article, while I am also zealous of getting knowledge.