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Why Are These The Most Popular Martial Arts Books For Kids On Amazon?

Let me explain with a quick story… When I grew up I had to walk 14 miles in the snow up-hill in the dark to find a decent stick to play with…

Ok, I’ll admit that’s an exaggeration but I certainly didn’t have all the distractions kids have today that see them sitting around playing on computers, tablets, smart phones or game consoles.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big kid myself these days playing on these things but it worries me that kids are getting weaker and weaker because their idea of playing with friends is very different to how we would play with friends back in the dark ages.

Kids need to run around and have some ruff n’ tumble fun with friends to build their strength, fitness, balance and co-ordination.  These were basic skills that we all took for granted in the past but they seem to be lacking in a lot of young kids these days.

I see three main reasons for this current problem

  1. Letting your kids run around outside may not be a safe option
  2. Schools worry about being sued if a child gets hurt so they discourage physical activity
  3. Kids have overwhelming access to so many passive activities, magazines, video games, TV shows.

The bottom line is… IT DOESN’T MATTER what the excuses are

KIDS NEED TO HAVE FUN while doing physical stuff!

It’s a simple rule that if kids have Fun doing something then they’ll continue doing it… and they won’t question it, they just do what they enjoy.

With this in mind I put together two Martial Arts books packed full of physical challenges that kids love…

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Your kids can challenge their brothers and sisters, their friends and even parents (look out parents) to these challenges and games that will help them quickly develop their physical abailities: strength, speed, balance, co-ordination and flexibility… all the skills needed for their Martial Arts training.

Traditional weight training is dangerous for kids because it puts unnatural stresses on their body.  This is why all of the challenges in these Martial Arts books are body-weight challenges which are the safest way for kids to develop explosive power without damaging their growing bones and joints.  The challenges also promote functional strength and conditioning because they use the whole body rather than small isolated movements.

Compound movements strenghten the core and stabaliser muscles that help protect the skeletal structure and keep everything where it should be so your children will be much safer when they spar and grapple with others.  But the kids don’t care about any of this and that’s cool with me.  They just enjoy the challenge and have fun with their friends while unknowingly making themselves stronger, fitter and safer.

These two Martial Arts books are quickly becoming best sellers on…

Click on the link below to find out more about these books, read reviews from instructors around the world, even take a look inside the books.  They’re available in paperback and in digital format for Kindle owners > >

Martial Arts For Kids Books

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