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The “Martial Arts For Kids” series of books contain a collection of solo and partner/group challenges and martial arts games to boost strength, speed, balance and co-ordination to accelerate their martial arts training.

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Martial Arts For Kids Books

Martial Arts For Kids

Aaron J PerryFilled with strength, balance and co-ordination drills and games to set as challenges at home, at the beach or out in a park. These challenges will get your kids into great shape and accelerate their development through their Martial Art journey.

They also provide an excellent opportunity for you to get more involved in your child’s training.

I’m the Author of these books so I’m obviously proud of them and of course I think every parent should have a copy but to be fair I’ve added some testimonials from Martial Arts Instructors from around the world that teach kids martial arts in different styles… you can also read more reviews when you click on the “Add To Cart Button” which will take you to for safe and secure purchasing.

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[testimonial3 author=”Michaela Curtis – Normanton Academy,” + pic=””]“Wow, what can I say, I knew that Sensei Perry was a great Instructor from reading his weekly newsletters and websites.

I’ve already used loads of games and activities that he put out, so I wasn’t expecting to learn much more to be honest. How wrong I was, this book is crammed full of fantastic new ideas to breathe life into any Martial Arts Class, regardless of age or ability (some of my Adults love doing these games as well !!)

Sensei Perry not only has a great understanding of what makes a Martial Artist tick, but also what(more importantly) makes a child tick, that is something that is priceless.

The energy and passion that Sensei Perry puts into the world of Martial Arts just shines through in this 2nd edition of his Martial Arts Games for Kids.

Well done Sensei from a very loyal fan.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Sam Wood, White Tiger Kickboxing Academy, Nottingham, UK ” + pic=” Wood.jpg”]“This book is a must for anyone teaching children martial arts. It is packed full with interesting and fun games and exercises for children of all ages.

No matter how long you’ve been teaching this book will give you some great ideas to interest the children and give your classes a boost.

I definately recommend Aaron’s publications; each one is an excellent tool for any martial art school. ”[/testimonial3]

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[testimonial3 author=”Brett Taylor, Seven Star Martial Arts, Qld, Australia” + pic=””]“As a martial arts instructor to primary school kids, I found Aaron Perry’s book “Martial Arts For Kids – Kids Group Activities for Healthy Kids” invaluable.

The games and activities in this book have given me a vehicle to relay the essential information regarding self defence to the kids in a manner that is fun and speaks their language.

The children that I teach turn up to the Dojo `full of beans’ and ready go, they each have their favourite games and I have to take turns so they all get to experience their favourites. Some of the most popular games are “Tail of the tiger” and “Sensei says”.

Aaron’s book has provided a valuable resource to prompt me with ideas, I often make little tweaks to suit our particular club and the kids involved, of course you need to be flexible when it comes to kids!

Thanks to this book the kids in our club, learn the basics of Kung Fu, and develop an understanding of self defence all whilst laughing themselves silly. Good for the kids – who beg Mum and Dad to take them each week, good for the parents – who pay the fees, and good for my club. What more could you ask. ”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”James Guilar, Phoenix Arts, Australia” + pic=””]“I started reading Aaron J. Perry’s 2 new `Martial Arts for Kids’ books fully expecting as good a source of fun, games and information as his previous works but I will confess that something unexpected happened. As I was reading through the solo challenges I just had to get up and have a go they looked that good.

Whenever I have introduced any of Mr. Perry’s work to my class the feedback has always been tremendously positive.

I’ve been training and teaching for the last 15 years and am always happy to find new ways of teaching and doing things with our younger students. Mr. Perry has managed to do this again for me, managed to create something that will benefit any student lucky enough to participate in these exercises, and for that I would heartily and wholly recommend this to all schools with young students whether it be age or at heart.

And if you’re a parent then this is ideal for you and your children. The challenges work across the board in all martial arts, they’re game like so both you and your child will have a good time and it will also help to give them that extra edge in their training.”[/testimonial3]

[testimonial3 author=”Alfred Reid, Bujinkin Reid Dojo, Dublin Ireland” + pic=””]“Martial Art For kids: Activates for healthy  kids very informative.

Used some of the games within this book and the students were excited and wanted more.

This book is an invaluable tool for your library and I would recommend it to all instructors  excellent tool for any martial art school around the globe”[/testimonial3]

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