Weights For Kids

Weights for KidsChildrens sport can be highly competitive these days and it worries me that the pressure to get an advantage is putting kids at risk of permanent injury before their bodies have even fully developed.

In fact it is this period of their youth that puts them in danger.  As kids are growing their bones, muscles and ligaments are continually growing and stretching and not always in complete harmony which is why using weights for kids can be so dangerous.

There is an alternative which has been over shadowed because the fitness marketing companies are more interested in selling you products with high profit margins than they are in actually helping kids get fit and strong safely.  Fitness brands and advertising companies have done a great job of distracting everyones attention away from the simple methods for gaining explosive strength and fitness because they can’t make any profit off it.

Using weights for kids strength training can cause serious damage to their growing bodies… but the alternative option is FREE! 

Wait… the alternative is Free???  Then why wouldn’t everyone take the safe and free option?

Well, it’s kind of sad but the truth is no advertising agency or fitness guru is going to promote it because it’s Free.  Why would they, there’s no motive, no incentive… they can’t package it in a cool looking box, give it a fancy name and make a big infommercial about how special it is because there is no magic product… So what is it?

How Do Your Kids Develop Explosive Strength, Enhance Flexibilty, Increase Speed/Reflexes and Accelerate the Co-ordination and Balance?

By ignoring the Hype!… Look past all the gadgets and fitness industry BS about all the expensive equipment that you need to succeed!

Knowledge is what the Fitness Industry Marketers want to hide from you and your kids.

Knowledge is hard for them to package and sell at a high price and it can only be sold once because once you have the knowledge you become independant.

The best way for your kids to develop extrodinary functional strength isn’t by using weights for kids, it’s by using nothing…

Nothing But Their Own Body Weight!

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Body Weight exercises are the perfect way for your kids to develop Incredible Power without damaging their growing bodies.

A kid’s own body weight is the perfect weight for them to train with, not too heavy, not too light.

When most people think of body weight exercises they only think of push-ups, squats and burpies, but there are heaps of different things you can do to build great Functional Strength and Explosive Power and Speed without needing any special (stupidly expensive) equipment.

Two new books have just been released for kids, filled with games and challenges that will Boost their Strength and Fitness without the risks of using weights for kids.  These games and challenges hit a hot button for kids and sparks their competitive nature to beat their friends and family while having fun.

The Fitness Marketers out there will HATE this info being released because it shows you how Your Kids can have a great time with their friends while growing stronger and healthier and they can’t sell you any fancy BS equipment that can match the results your kids will experience with these Fun Challenges and Martial Arts Games.

I can’t claim that it’s completely free because I put all my knowledge into these books and if you want to grab them for your kids then it will cost you a few dollars, but it is a fraction of the cost you would pay for expensive equipment that could potentially hurt your children, so I think getting this gift for your kids is well worth it.

These books “Martial Arts For Kids” and “Martial Arts For Kids 2” are available in paperback from Amazon.com and also in digital version for Kindle owners…  Click on the book covers below to find out more and read reviews from top Martial Arts Instructors from around the world that recommend these books to all of their students…

Martial Arts For Kids Books

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Dont’ risk your child’s health or waste your hard earned money on over hyped training equipment that you don’t need.  These Two Books are Filled with Games and Challenges that will really Challenge your Kids and they’ll have a great time competing with their friends.  These games also target Martial Arts Skills and will improve their blocking, striking, footwork and eye-hand co-ordination to give them an extra advantage in their Martial Arts training.

Your kids will be too busy having fun to even realise they are actually traing and developing their physical skills and abilities… other parents will wonder what your secret is and why your kids are so damn strong, in fact they will probably ask you what fancy equipment you’ve bought for them – hahaha.

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